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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Windmill on Crack or maybe just Marijuana

Ever wonder what a windmill on crack might look like? Well leave it to architects working for the Dutch Government to figure it out - marijuana is legal there right? From a government standpoint, why build one windmill when you can build 4 for four-times the price.


More pictures are available after the jump.

All joking aside, this is certainly a smart idea because more energy could be extracted per unit for less cost because the cabling for each runs into a central unit. In addition, you might notice that the design resembles a tree which was the intention of the architects. A few of these units scattered across the flat Dutch landscape is certainly less intrusive than the windmill parks that so many are used to seeing.

The picture shows only 4 blades per unit but they can be designed to hold up to 8 sets of blades and will be just under 400ft tall (120m for your European folk). I have passed windmills before when driving through the countryside in the northeast US and they are huge constructions. They almost seem fake especially in the flat countryside where you can see them for miles.



Unfortunately, we'll probably never see these windmills in the US - damn gas guzzling bureaucracy - I guess its just another reason to vacation to Amsterdam. Enjoy!


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