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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Google Romance = Google Joke

I was surfing Flickr and came across this strange pic that I hope is someone's attempt at a joke. Apparently this is a screen grab from someone who happened to surf over to www.google.com/romance/tour.html. The press release describes the service as an attempt at contextual dating. The service works using Soulmate Search (TM) to pair potential matches and offer them a date in exchange for viewing contextual advertising. Here is what the screen grab looks like:

Google Romance Joke

At this point I'm thinking Jesus they've got to be kidding me. I know that Google is everywhere nowadays but come on! After actually reading the fine print I realized that the image is tagged in Flickr, April Fools, so surely enough this isn't real, could you imagine if it was?

I'll take the role of the skeptic though, I think they leaked this to start a buzz on the net (taking a lesson from Apple). They've probably got some kinks to work out in the Soulmate Search (TM) algorithm, yup and I've got a flux capacitor in my Delorean.


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