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Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Apple Ad Campaign

I was surfing the next as usual and I came across this picture of Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Microsoft Chief Software Architect Bill Gates together at the Wall Street Journal Executive Conference. I have to admit I thought the world might implode if Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were ever at the same place at the same time. But I checked outside after seeing this and happily, the world did not implode.

These are not photoshoped images and there are many more of the two of them talking (slideshow). It would be interesting to know what they're talking about, hopefully its more interesting than them congratulating each other on how rich they are. These two men have made a lot of money (Gates certainly more so than Jobs) through the competition of the companies they started.

I wonder if this might be part of an Ad campaign to show the world that they've buried the hatchet. I mean now that Apple is using x86 chips, Windows can run on a Mac and OS X can run on a PC, this is the compatibility that everyone has been asking for for two decades. Maybe instead of the current ads they're thinking of replacing Mac with Steve Jobs and the PC dude with Gates, I would love to see that commercial!

More pictures after the jump.

From the pictures it looks like the two are having a pretty long discussion over the span of a few courses. I'm not sure who the man to the right of Bill Gates is, but who cares. Either way I thought that these pictures were interesting; there is a misconception that these two hate each other because Mac and PC users have an ongoing battle over who is better. This just helps to blur the line even further.


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