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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nintendo DS Inspired Laptop

Ever wonder what a Nintendo DS on crack would look like?

Well the Canova dual-touch screen notebook is just that. Designed by Nintendo V12 Design+Engineering - located in Italy and Australia - the Canova Notebook seems to be inspired by the dual-screen of the Nintendo DS even though they may not come out and say it.

Similarities aside, the Canova is targeted at creative minds, where just one touch screen isn't enough. The bottom portion of the laptop can be changed from a virtual keypad to an additional screen as the situation dictates. The laptop also includes an electronic pen to allow the user to interact with both displays without gumming them up with their grimy fingers. Carved our of stainless steel and carbon fiber with a laser the Canova Laptop is sure to turn heads.

The picture shown here seems to be a rendering and it isn't clear whether the design is intended for production or not. Either way, you better start to save up your money now as this bad boy is sure to scrape the upper stratosphere when it comes to price.


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