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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Teddy Bear USB Drive - Off with its head!

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a teddy bear stuck in the USB port of a computer. This homemade gadget is actually a portable USB drive you can use to store documents, music, and other information on. I use my USB drive all the time but its not as flashy as this guy which is actually a key chain teddy bear that's been gutted to house the drive. No worries though because no animals were hurt in the capturing of these pictures.

If you'd like to see more take a look at the flickr slideshow that has been put together. For now, I think the USB Teddy is homemade but we'll keep our eyes open for any similar products that make it to the market.


  • At 6/21/2006 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think my girlfriend would love one of these. She already has a pink USB drive but claims it isn't cute enough.


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