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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Not Much Going On Here For The Next Few Days

As the title describes it, there won't be much going on here for the next few days as I will be busy at the office taking care of some big jobs that need to get done. Sorry for the disappointing news and I'll try to check in and post some stuff if I have a few spare minutes.

In the mean time you might consider passing the time by playing some games. The good sport that I am, I rounded up a couple of sites that will keep you busy for at least a few minutes.

If that doesn't do it, you can always take this NERD quiz. I scored a 9, so according to them I'm 'normal'. If anyone scored a 17+ let me know because you should be writing this blog instead of me.

I always enjoy listening to a couple of idiots discuss complex subjects. In this case you'll have to read it but its still just as funny. I think my favorite is the discussion on "Hydrogen as a fuel source".

If reading isn't your thing and you're bored at work then try this video:

Hopefully this all will keep you busy while I'm away. If you still aren't satisfied, send me an email (fixgadgets@gmail.com) and I will find something for you, personally.


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