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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Controversial list on Top 10 Tech-Savvy Rockers

BusinessWeek has published an article online citing the ten most tech-savvy rock stars. While the list has some interesting entries to real question is, is this a marketing ploy to promote these bands and the products they use or does the author really think that endorsing a tech product makes them the most tech savvy.

I wouldn't even begin to knock Bono from U2 as I'm sure that many fans would attack me for it. I'm sure Bono is quite tech savvy, I always enjoy his comments on apple products.

But where do the rest of these people come from? Most of the things that make these people tech savvy are choices made by their managers to bring in additional sources of revenue (by endorsing the products). How did the writer even decide that these people are tech savvy? Did he open the latest issue of People or US weekly and pick some names out?

So in proper fashion I've created my own list of tech-savvy rockers that everyone can contribute to. Here are some contributions people have already made:

If you can, when you submit a name try to give a link to a story as reasoning why that person should be included.


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