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Monday, June 12, 2006

Top 10 Coolest Travel Gadgets

Whether your traveling for business or leisure, these gadgets should help make your life easier.

What are your favorite gadgets when traveling?

To help save you some time, the TechEBlog has compiled the top 10 coolest travel gadgets list for you.

The top 10 cover must have items like a hat with solar powered fan (for those long days on safari), a cell phone turned projector, a portable washing machine, a $9 MP3 player, and a Beerbelly.

You read correctly, the #2 must have travel gadget is the Beerbelly. Not the kind you get from drinking cases of beer and no exercise, but the kind you can fill with any liquid of your choice (preferably beer) and strap to your belly to conceal it. The Beerbelly holds up to 80 fluid oz. and will keep you hydrated, although if you're a woman you might have to fight off people wondering if your pregnant. The only problem you might have with the Beerbelly is if you already have one (a real beer belly that is).

The #1 coolest travel gadget is the Multifunctional Credit Card (above). Now you might be wondering what exactly 'multifunctional' means. In this gadgets it means a device that is the size of a credit card that can record video, has a built-in program to display discounts, acts as a remote control for any device, offers GPS, and even gaming with network support. That's a lot of features in a very small size, great things do come in small packages. The device even uses biometric fingerprint technology to authorize users. Now you're wondering where you can get this amazing device and I'll direct you to the designer for those questions.

So what are your favorite travel gadgets that you can't live without?

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