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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Monster USB Splitter (16+ ports)

Have you run out of USB ports on your computer? This is the gadget for you. From what I can tell the device is a 16 (or more) port USB hub with built-in power supply. I wonder how this guy was able to accomplish this amazing feat?

Regardless, I think its finally time to build my USB flash drive from individual 4GB pen drives. I wonder if there is a way to compile the individual drives into one 64GB drive on my desktop. I'll have to do some research. But you might run into trouble if someone steals one of the pen drives. I guess I'd need to build a lockable clear enclosure as well.

No word on if this item is for sale or even a post on how to build one.

bk_keywords:usb hub, pen drive, flash drive.


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