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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

MSN's results fed by humans

MSN is hiring you and your friends to hand craft search engine results when a particular query doesn't yield good enough results. According to a job posting on MSN's website, you will be working with approximately 132 other handcrafters (that's what they call them).

I can imagine the MSN Search commercial now. One huge rack server in a white room with lots of lights flashing on the front of it. An MSN tour group enters the room and the guide says, "This is the core of MSN Search". She leads the group around the server so they can get a closer look. One portly man in the back comments, "Its not plugged in!".

The guide calmly responds, "MSN Search doesn't operate on conventional power. MSN results are powered by humans like you and me." She then proceeds to open the 'backdoor' to the server and to our amazement, the inside is filled with many cubicles of people running around like mad to find search results. One person escapes from the server enclosure and the tour guide stomps on them like a bug and tells the rest of the 'hive' to get back to work at which point she closes the door to the server and the commercial fades to black. Words fade up in white with the MSN logo, "MSN Search. Powered by HandCrafters". I would love to see someone spoof this job ad in a commercial.

If you are familiar with 3+ search engines (can one of them be Google?), are well versed in English, and can type more than 149 words/minute you're a perfect match. I certainly can't type 149 words/minute or more, can anybody else reading this? I don't think I'm ready to quit my day job just yet.


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