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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

10 Things I Hate Love About Google

Alyce Lomax over at Motley Fool has decided that she really doesn't like Google and her arguments are pretty convincing. Apparently the corporate geeks at Google have done something to tick her off and write an astounding 10 different things she despises about Google.

One argument I strongly agree with Alyce about is "2. Jack of all trades, master of none". Nowhere is this more evident than with Blogger, a now outdated blogging service that has fallen far behind the innovation wheel. I'm sure I'll be flamed for saying this but Blogger has not kept up pace with the other blogging platforms and there is no clear reason why. It seems that since Google's acquisition of the company little has happened to improve the service.

When you log in to Blogger, a section of the Dashboard displays Blogger News which I believe at one point was used to inform people about new things being developed at Blogger. Well the most current news is from February 1st 2006 and announces the Blogger Buzz Blog. The two previous posts cover Maintenance notices that talk about outages. When was the last time any major update was brought to Blogger?

The best feature of Blogger was how easy they made it to setup blogs for the general public. Since the service lacks any major features it fails to attract major blogging outfits. Thus many of the blogs hosted by Blogger are sub-par. I know I'm setting myself up for flaming since this blog is hosted on blogger. And just in case you're wondering, I'm plannig to move this blog to a better platform very shortly. I guess my question to the developers of Blogger is when will any new features for Blogger be introduced?

Sorry for the rant, take a look at the rest of Alyce's list at Motley Fool to understand why she doesn't like Google.


  • At 6/21/2006 5:36 PM, Anonymous Boy said…

    She (and you) are so right about Blogger... hopefully the same doesn't happen to Sketchup, another compnay Google recently scooped up.

  • At 6/21/2006 7:34 PM, Blogger Evan Spiegel said…

    Yes! I love sketchup, it was the first CAD tool I used and it was sooo easy.

    I think the biggest problem is literally that blogger has gotten fat and there are a lot of spam blogs so the developers time is spent expanding the system and not adding features or flexibility.

    Not too long ago Blogger had tagged this site as a spam blog. Only after 20+ emails did they finally get around to fixing it.

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