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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sidekick 3 Reviewed (thoroughly)

The Sidekick 3 is finally here (June 28, 2006) and we would be nowhere without a thorough review. Thankfully the Phone Scoop clan has put together a review so thorough that once you get done reading it the Sidekick 4 will be out (either that or T-Mobile will be out of business). Who wouldn't want this phone, my only problem is that its only available for T-Mobile so I guess I'll have to stick with the Motorola RAZR for now.

For everyone else who has T-Mobile, you'll happy to know that the new Sidekick sports Bluetooth, a memory card slot, a megapixel camera, a full QWERTY keyboard, large screen, and a bevy of other features.

Weighing in at 184 grams, the Lithium-Ion battery will allow you to talk for 4.5 hours and can operate on standby for up to 72 hours (better make sure to have your charger with you when you travel). With 64MB of built-in flash memory, the phone has more memory than my backup server.

There are some drawbacks though such as the camera (poor color accuracy) and making phone calls (its easier to surf the web than make a phone call). With a hefty $300 to $350 estimated price tag I don't think that everybody will be running out to purchase one of these on June 28th. Although I could be wrong and maybe people think a cell phone is more important than paying the electric bill.


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