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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sony can't spell SERECT SELECT

I'm not sure what Sony was thinking when they SERECTed this controller to display in their Ginza Showroom but someone is going to feel the heat for it. I'm in no position to bust on someone for a spelling error, I'm pretty bad myself but I just couldn't resist. I'm sure the mistake has been noted and a new controller with correct spelling swapped in or maybe SONY is being sued by Nintendo because they used the select button without permission. Or maybe, Serect (S. Erect) is a new command with more functionality than Select that Sony is planning to include in the PS3.

One person has commented that "They were just trying to spell 'SECRET'" and others just can't resist poking fun at the gross spelling error. Another commenter remarked, "Something tells me Sony won't be seeing a victoly at this years's erection" and was replied with "Haha, that's crassic". Some people have even been link to a site on Engrish, yes one does exist (shocking). I just hope that my PS3 doesn't have spelling mistakes on it when I get it.


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