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Thursday, June 22, 2006

AeroJOHN at Woot, if only!

Surfing the net like we always do on a slow morning we found this ingenious invention, the AeroJOHN posted over at woot.com. This gadgets is a must have for people on the go who have to go, literally. The AeroJOHN as the name implies in an inflatable toilet inspired by the likes of the Aero Mattress that you see advertised on TV at 3am.

As the designer describes it, "[the AeroJOHN] goes where you go thanks to easy one-touch inflation and deflation technology. Imagine, never having to wait in those long lines for the restroom, never having to wee or squat against a tree, and all that time spent walking from whatever you were doing to the bathroom can be put to much better use".

Like the advert shows, you can read the newspaper next to your wife while she eats breakfast, so you never have to be apart. Not only is the AeroJOHN portable it sports a plush memory foam seat that conforms to the contours of your buttock to give you a "personalized poo experience". My biggest fear is what you would do with it after you're done with your dirty business. Maybe they'd be better off marketing this as a disposable appliance!

Pictures and more after the jump.

In case you can't tell, this is a joke and part of a contest at woot! where people submit renditions of totally whacked out gadgets (and such). In case you're not familiar, woot is a different kind of online store and community. Instead of having a massive inventory say like Amazon, Woot lists just one item for sale a day. The new item is posted at 12am (midnight) and is on sale for 24 hours or until the item sells out. Once sold out, the item is no longer available, period end of sentence. Everyday something different goes up for sale so there is no telling what you might find. And with the low prices they sell at, who cares what your buying if its a good deal!

In case you were interested in what the AeroJOHN looks like, here is the winning submission by wonderstew from the Best of Contest 77 at Woot! The rest of the submissions can be found here.


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