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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Windows Vista and Office demoed on MacBook

Windows Vista on MacBook ProThere's nothing like a software and OS demonstration of Microsoft products on Apple hardware to blur the lines between the lines between Apple and Microsoft fans.

The picture is of a Microsoft employee demoing Vista, Microsoft's next-gen OS, and Office 2007 on a MacBook Pro. The presentation took place at Microsoft's Belgium headquarters; apparently Europeans are free-thinkers because a presentation like this in the US would certainly cause a stir in the media. Before anyone has a chance to make a comment, it isn't clear if the presentation was a live demo or simply a series of screen shots.

This is important because while XP can now be easily installed and booted on an Intel-based Mac, it isn't clear yet if it will be as easy to install Vista on current Intel-based Macs.

Now if I can just get someone to donate a MacBook Pro to me, I could test this out.


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