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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Backup your Cell with the CellStik

CellStikFace it, our lives revolve around cell phones, they are the 21st century rolodex and we'd be in trouble if we lost all that information. Don't fret because CellStik has your back like your mates would in a bar fight.

It seems that many of the posts lately have been about our cell phones; Some good SGH i320, Cell Phone Condom, and some bad Cell Phone Cooks Egg. While the condom might almost totally proof your phone it isn't drop proof so you'll need the CellStik to backup any important data you have on it.

Skeptics might ask, "Don't all phones have Bluetooth nowadays?" and they'd be right but setting up a Bluetooth connection can be a difficult as rocket science (unless you're lucky enough to have a Mac). With the CellStik, all you do is connect the drive to the phone and with one simple click you can backup all of the data on the phone. Later the data can be accessed with a computer but plugging the device into a USB port. Each model phone has a specific CellStik so make sure you pickup the right one. If you've got to have one of these right now, visit RedEnvelope for more information.


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