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Friday, June 09, 2006

Tune into what Pepsi has to say

What is Pepsi's innovative new advertising campaign? Getting everyone, including you, to plug their headphones into the same poster. I can just imagine what the poster would say after you plug your headphones in:
"You've now been infected, drink Pepsi or Die!"
Thankfully Pepsi is not going the viral marketing route this time. The poster is actually meant to encourage passers-by to listen to short song snippets (30 seconds). If you're in American the posters haven't made it there yet, but almost 100 of them have been deployed in Toronto and Vancouver by the Canadian advertising firm BBDO.

So what's the deal? The 30-second song snippets are intended to wet your appetite for the entire music track.

What's the catch? Once you're hooked, you supposed to go out and buy a bottle of Pepsi that contains a PIN number. This PIN is redeemable on Pepsi's website for that song you've been infected by as well as anything else music-related they can sell you.

The advertising campaign is working because Canadians are already plugging in to these creative posters. My only word of advice is, be careful what holes you stick your gadgets in, not all of them will be as friendly as Pepsi's.


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