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Friday, June 09, 2006

Alienware's Superman-themed limited-edition Area-51 systems

I heard about this one from my friends over at Engadget. It seems that the demand or at least the supply for custom themed computers has increased. In addition to Dell's X-Men themed XPS machine, Alienware has crafted a new limited edition Superman themed laptop and desktop.

You better get these while there hot because in an effort to make these machines truly limited edition, Alienware has limited production to 350 latops and 250 desktops. The whole machine is inspired by the upcoming movie Superman Returns due in Theatres nationwide June 28th.

The desktop features a mural (it is truly a work of art) by comic artist Tommy Lee and at bare bones will cost you $1,899. But that is not where the excitement is at. The excitement comes from additional features like liquid cooling and 1TB of storage. Its too bad this bad boy doesn't come with X-ray vision or lasers but it will satisfy all of your gaming and computing needs.

The laptop sports a 17-inch screen, a Core Duo processor, and an understated look for the conservative Superman fan. The laptop is personally my favorite of the two although it might be a bit weird to carry around one with a Superman emblem on it. I would love the machine if I could get it in Blue without the emblem.

To help feed the demand on these special editions, you can track the number of systems sold on their website.


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