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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Truth About Switching (from a PC to a Mac)

I'm sure you must know someone somewhere who has recently switched to a Mac and if you don't you might remember those Switching commercials from Apple not to long ago (below).

You can find even more Switch Ads as well as parodies on the Apple Switch Ad Campaign on YouTube. There have been many stories and articles written on switching from a PC to a Mac but I don't think anyone has described it as simply as Bill Westerman who posts about his PowerBook at Utilware.com. Bill switched to Mac several years ago from a PC and has been taking notes about his experience ever since. In this article, he writes about the truth of switching, all of the good and bad stuff included.

Bill noted that when you have a Mac, "People will help you for no reason". This is probably the best thing about owning a Mac, the community is very tight knit and everyone is willing to lend a hand. Now the only problem you might have is finding someone else who owns a Mac. If you don't know anyone who owns a Mac then travel down to your local Apple Store and grab a stool at the Genius Bar for some help.

Another comment from Bill on switching was, "You'll get more things done". This is something you should expect from a next-generation laptop and operating system that allow you to focus on your work and not solving computer problems.

Some of the valid issues that Bill raises include, "You'll spend more money than with Windows", and "You'll play pretty well on a Windows network". While a Mac will cost more upfront, you will get a well made machine that lasts longer and will depreciate much slower than a PC. Networking has been an issue since day one with different platforms but Apple has done a lot to make cross-platform communication between Macs and PCs easier than it has ever been. And if you're still having trouble, you can always find the neighborhood Mac owner who can help you out.

As a computer technician I've had to work with both PCs and Macs but my personal computer is a Mac and I've had it longer than I've had any PC.


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