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Monday, June 05, 2006

AppleBerry might be the next big thing

Apple Computer is hot right now. The amazing Mac OS X coupled with the booming iPod has hurdled Apple in to the speculation forefront. There are many people, myself included, waiting to see what Apple releases next.

There has been speculation on the internet and in print about a partnership in the works between Apple Computer Inc. and Research In Motion (RIM) Ltd. RIM is the popular manufacturer of the Blackberry, a device that many businessmen use to check their email when they're out of the office. An analyst with Canaccord Capital Inc., who accurately predicted a partnership between RIM and Intel Corp., speculated on the idea of an "AppleBerry" partnership.

The deal is big for both sides because RIM was to maintain a firm foohold in the consumer market and Apple lacks a presence in the wireless sector. The result of such a cooperative union could be an Apple branded cellphone that harnesses RIMS's wireless technology or a iTunes embedded BlackBerry, or both.

Peter Misek, the analyst at Canaccord Capital Inc. notes that several senior executives at Intel have recommended that Apple work with RIM. The one difficulty of a joint venture is that both RIM and Apple have different strong personalities which may hinder a partnership.

Of course both Apple Computer Inc. and RIM Ltd. declined to comment on the speculation.

What do you think of an "AppleBerry"?
Are businessmen writing email in the market for music?
Could such a partnership destroy any hope of a revived Newton?

The original article was posted at the globeandmail.com.


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