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Friday, May 26, 2006

Share, Store, and Track your favorites

Digg, Technorati, Del.icio.us, Reddit, and more services everyday are opening up to allow interent uses to store, share, and track articles, blogs, and sites they find interesting.

If you taken a look at my site lately you can see that I have added a toolbar of links to the bottom of each post to allow my readers to track articles that they find interesting. There is a lot of confusion about these different services so I'll make it a little simpler:

All of these websites provide bookmarking services which make it easy for you to keep track of links you need or find interesting. Being a computer technician I find myself researching things on the internet very often and it is very difficult to keep track of these using traditional bookmarks in your browser. In addition, I'm not always at my computer where I want to access articles so I need them to be mobile, these services are great at this. I first read about these bookmarking services a year ago and since then have been a big fan of Technorati and Del.icio.us.

To learn more about Del.icio.us go here, and to learn the different ways to use the service go here. Ironically, all of the blog tracking and bookmarking services all have their own blog and this is the link to the Del.icio.us blog.

To learn more about Technorati go here, and to learn about how to use Technorati check this link out. This is the link to the Technorati blog.

Digg is a great service where people can see popular articles and websites on technology news. More information on Digg can be found here. Amazingly enough, digg also has a blog that posts the most recent changes to digg.

The last of the four bookmarking services that I have added to every post is Reddit, "a source for what's new and popular on the internet". For more information on Reddit take a look at this link and go here for Reddit's development blog.

These services are the most popular services I have discovered on the web but that's the great thing about the internet; there is always something new. If you've got a service that I haven't covered make sure to let me know.

My question(s) to you:
  • What bookmarking service do you think is the next best thing?
  • What internet service in general do you think is better than sliced bread?
    • Personally I couldn't live without my Gmail/Google Calendar account, its got my whole life in it.


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