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Friday, May 26, 2006

Now posting at writingUp.com

So I'm new to the Blogging world and am finding new things each day. My biggest concern is getting people to see and read what I have to say otherwise this whole venture is for naught. A great blog I have discovered is Phil Windley's Technometria. As Phil Windley describes it, " Technometria is my attempt to make sense of the technology that interests me through exploration, analysis, and, hopefully, reason". This is a great resource for information and Phil is a great writer and his articles are written for the general public.

One article of Phil's that particularly caught my eye was How to start a blog, a introduction to blogging. This article was a great resource for me, a new blogger, and should be helpful for you guys who are interested in blogging. WritingUp.com is one service mentioned by Phil where users can post their articles to a community of readers. Instead of having your own blog, writingUp makes your blog as a sub-blog of the whole site which makes articles written by beginners like myself accessible to a bigger audience. To see the articles I have posted to my writingUp blog use the following link.

I want to send a warm welcome all of the writingUp.com members who venture to this blog and I encourage you to leave comments and suggestions for me here as I continue to grow this company and blog in Central New York. Also, let me know if you use other services or are members of other "blogging" communities that have helped you grow your blog's popularity.


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