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Friday, June 09, 2006

The 100" DIY Home Theater Screen (be the envy of ... everyone)

The Home Theater industry has a new enemy, the $100 Do-It-Yourself 100" screen. Now you might be saying whose crazy enough to build a screen but if you are little crafty, you can build a movie quality screen at home for under $100. Who can argue with that?

Of course you will need some other parts besides the screen itself such as a projector and sound system but that doesn't matter right now.

The great folks at Projector Central have a new tutorial for every Do-It-Yourself-er who is eager enough to take on the challenge. The following is all you will need to make your very own Movie Screen:

Super-white seamless paper - $26.00
Wood for frame - $34.00
L brackets and screws - $8.50
Velveteen fabric (3 yrds) - $27.00
Elmer's Glue - $2.00

TOTAL: $98.50

You will also need a woodsaw, staple gun, fabric scissor, and a drill or Philips head screwdriver. There are only 7 steps and the screen is just as simple as a wood frame with black border and white screen. The wood frame allows the screen to be easily hung where you want it in your home theater.

In true DIY fashion they have pitted the screen against a Stewart Grayhawk (a top of the line screen) in a series of tests including color accuracy and contrast. The end result: a quick and easy to assemble screen that's cheap actually gives comparable performance.

I've got the $100 for the screen, I just need to find a $1000 for the projector and I'll have my home theater setup in no time.

For more information on the exact steps check out the details on Projector Central's site.


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