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Friday, June 09, 2006

miJam - toys for your lonely iPod

Been worried lately that your iPod hasn't been getting enough interaction with other gadgets?

Do you find yourself humming, drumming, or plain old rocking out when you listen to music on your iPod?

For the iPod its lonely at the top, being the worlds best portable music player can be thought and we all need some friends to lean on.

Well the creative minds at Blue Box have the perfect solution. The miJam series of accessories allow you to interact with whatever music you're listening to. How you ask? Well they have created three devices, a guitar, mixer, and drummer that interface with your iPod and give you creative freedom to rock out.

How does this amazing idea work? Simply. You plug the audio from the iPod into the miJam device and plug your headphones into the miJam. Abracadabra you're playing along with your music idols.

And that's not all. BlueBox is developing a Stage Mic peripheral that will allow you jump in on the vocals when you feel the urge. What I'd love to see is someone use the guitar and the microphone at the same time.

Do you think you'll be rocking out to your iTunes music any time soon? No price has been announced for these devices and I've got no clue whether anyone will actually buy them but I think its an interesting idea if nothing else.

More information on the miJam accessories can be found on iLounge.


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