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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tech. obsession has reached a new level

If you ever fear whether you are tech obsessed, just remember this kid who freaked about his Nintendo 64 and all your worries should just melt away.

You know what would be really cruel?

Let the kid open the box only to find that there is no N64, just a bunch of books and a sweater that your grandmother knitted for you. Can you imagine the expression on his face when he realizes that he didn't get an N64, man that'd be funny! Am I cruel?

Back in time ... on the verge of the computer revolution

I stumbled across this video in the YouTube archives and have to share it with you. It is a news broadcast from 1981 chronicling the growth of computers and comments on what we can expect in the future. It was a little eye-opening as I was born in April 1983 and so my whole life computers have existed.

There is even a segment with Steve Jobs back in the Apple II days. This video certainly gives perspective on how this all began. Enjoy!

100th Post - Daily Show Revisits Net Neutrality

The Daily Show has been all over the Net Neutrality act like Larry the Cable Guy on bad jokes. I thought as a treat for the 100th post on FixGadgets I'd share with you guys the latest Daily Show coverage of Net Neutrality. As an added bonus the correspondent in this bit is John Hodgkins, the PC guy from the Apple commercials.

John Stewart makes sure not to let Hodgkins get by without a little ridicule first. Without any more delay, here is the hilarious bit on Net Neutrality from the Daily Show.